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Ways to have sex in Different Places around the House


The bed should not be the only place in which you and your partner have sex,
So think again.

With a little creativity and no shame it is possible to "baptize" even the most unexpected corners of a house for lovemaking and plenty of sex​

The Kitchen


Make him sit in the chair. Sit with your back to him and lower your body. Lean back slightly and place your hands on the kitchen table - this will help you move your pelvis up and down. If you want to spice up the scene, you can also tie it to the chair, wrapping a few layers of plastic around the chest, the back of the chair.

A Sofa


A chaise or sofa is a perfect accessory for sex because it is close enough for you to stay on top. You can tuck it so that it is semi-recumbent and lying about it backwards. Place your hands on the back, and if this position is uncomfortable, kneel on the seat with his legs between his. Do not forget to make sure that no neighbor is watching the scene.

At the Dinner Table 


Sit on the edge of the table and make him stand in front of you. Support the elbows and slide feet up the wall with it between your legs (move the table closer to the wall if necessary). Push the wall to move the pelvis.

In the Bathtub

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Sit facing one another in the bathtub. Curl your next to his thighs, and using the very walls of the tub, move your hips

Living Room


Standing with his back to an armchair or sofa, rest the butt on top of the mobile and ask for a partner stand facing you. He will probably have to slightly bend the knees to reach you. Intertwined hands and lean backwards so that your hips to push.

On The Stairs 


Kneeling on the stairs, rest your hands two steps above you or railing. He should kneel on a step down and hold your hip, so can guide you to and fro.



Sit in the washing machine or the dryer while they are working. Ask him to stand in front of you so that you support your feet on his shoulders. The noise and movement of the machine will warm this moment together.

At the Edge of the Window 


This position comes with an exhibitionist thrill. Stand next to an open window, move the waist and lean arms on the railing as he arrives behind.

Swimming Pool


Having sex standing up is somewhat complicated, but you can take the advantage to try it when in the water. Wrap your arms around his back while his legs skirt the hip. To support her, he holds her butt with his hands.

Office Room or Den 


Sex on the floor is warm because it sounds like something primitive. So, throw your man on the floor and use a ribbon to tie his wrists in the legs of the table, so that it is his "slave"



This is a traditional place, but you can fix that taking care of what is around her. If you have a dresser with a mirror on top, leaning over her with him behind you, so you can watch the act. If you do not have this furniture in the room but has a mirror, you can lie on the floor next to him to have this same feeling voyeuristic.

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